Learn about Features of Taxi Apps and their Development

Taxi App Development

The traditional process of taxi booking was typical for both passengers and the drivers, as the drivers parked in a taxi stand have to wait for the customers. But with the introduction of on-demand taxi booking apps in the taxi business, the passengers can easily book a cab with few taps and get the cab service at their doorstep or where they want. Technology and new trends in the market play an essential role in the taxi app development. The taxi company can develop a taxi app for sale consisting basic features or can develop on-demand taxi booking app including all the functionalities and advanced features.

The taxi booking company needs to develop a taxi booking app for passengers as well as drivers because it is beneficial for both. The online taxi booking script automates the whole taxi booking process and service for drivers, riders and the Admin. It simplifies the work process of drivers in managing and finding the customers.

Need for Taxi Booking App

The introduction of mobile apps has brought a revolution in many ways. From booking hotel in advance to booking flights, we are able to reach everything just in a few taps on our mobile screen.

If you run a taxi business then you must look for an Uber-like taxi booking app. Your own taxi booking app for your business will help you to approach more customers, maximize profits and take bookings easily. Apporio Infolabs, an app development company, can help you to design the right taxi booking app based on their Uber clone script.

Elements for Uber Like App Development

1. Location and Map

New GPS technology and maps help us to find current locations and track the route. Besides, it is also useful for reaching on time and fare estimation.

2. In-app payment

Developing a taxi app without in-app payment options is like a torch without a battery. Moreover, the inbuilt payment system allows passengers to pay from the mobile app. And if you want to pay your ride fare in cash or through cards (Debit or Credit), it allows you to do it.

3. Analytics System

Analytics data shows you how your taxi booking app is performing and it will help you to analyze where your app is performing well and where it needs improvement.

4. Profile

The necessity of maintaining customer and driver profiles with essential details like email id and the mobile number has several beneficial reasons like for online payments. Also, it allows customers to review and rate drivers.

5. Push notification

If you create a taxi app, push notifications feature is a must to inform customers about news, offers, discounts, and campaigns that you have for them. It helps us to keep engaging with the customers. Moreover, it is also possible to create an in-app messenger so that customer and driver could chat with each other.

Other elements that need to be included in Taxi App

  • Trip History
  • Coupon codes
  • Referral Program
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Fare Estimator
  • Responsive Panels
  • Geo-location Tracking
  • Wallet

Get a taxi booking app from Apporio Infolabs

Apporio Infolabs is a recognized company in the field of high-quality app development which provides apps at affordable prices. We develop native as well as cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows with advanced features and full-fledged functionalities. We develop all types of apps for businesses including food ordering app, grocery delivery app, fitness, and wellness app etc. Now we have developed Uber clone app ApporioTaxi which is an on-demand online taxi booking app.

Why Apporio Infolabs for Mobile App?

  • We develop high performance and reliable apps with latest technologies and advanced features at affordable prices.
  • We have a team of skilled members to meet the clients’ expectations and we deliver the products on time.
  • Regardless of the complexity of app, we assure you to develop your app as per your choice.

So if you want to buy taxi app script, ask for the demo or reach us at [email protected].

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