Successful Business Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money In 2019

Today, one out of ten people consider having their own business. They don’t like a 9-5 job, they want to become their own boss.

Are you one of them who wish to be an entrepreneur, who wants to have their own business but looking for some motivation? Here is good news for you: In this blog you are going to know about the most successful business ideas which will make you rich in 2019.

As technology has changed everything with time. With just a single click in your smartphones, you can do anything you wish. There are many apps with the help of which you can order food or cab at your doorstep.

The industry of Application Development has experienced a lot of growth and is expected to grow in the future. It all started with UBER. The “Uberification” has changed the working process of various traditional business industries like taxi, food, health, etc and has provided many startups a new road for starting their business.

Let’s check some stats. In 2015, the economy of on-demand apps was $22 billion which rose to $ 34 billion by the end of 2017. It was expected that Information Technology spending on enterprise software is expected to reach $431 billion in 2019.

So, if you get familiar with this trend and venture into the on-demand app development field then you are going to have a successful business in 2019.

Let’s take a look at all these startup ideas that will make you a successful startup in 2019.

App like uber

When we talk about On Demand business, the first choice for startups is App Like Uber. Uber made taxi service very affordable. Uber made it easy for people to find a taxi as well as provided great opportunity for small entrepreneurs to carry out their business

Today, Uber’s On-demand service model can be used by most of the industries and their niches.

If you want to start a business like uber, then you will need an Uber Clone Script or Uber Clone App. If you don’t want to buy an uber clone script then you have to develop it from scratch.

If you buy it you will get then you will get all the features available in it. Some Companies offer customization feature also, with the help of which you can add any features you want to add in it.

On-Demand taxi app service is on a hike now a day, if you will invest in this industry then you are surely going to get benefited from it.

Grocery App Development

The second most successful business you can do is Grocery Business like Instacart. With the help of On-demand grocery app, you can provide ease to users as they can order their products online at their doorstep.

People prefer online stores rather than going to a nearby grocery store. As a result, the Grocery business is one of the best choices for the startup.

To run a grocery business, you will need an app like Instacart. In which you will get an app for users, one for stores and one admin panel. This complete module will be available for Android and iOS platform.

If we talk about the economy of grocery app, it is expected that they will go high in the future. As a result, you should venture into this business as soon as possible.


On-demand food delivery apps are another growing business nowadays. Food is the basic need of human beings. And in this hectic life, many of us don’t get time to cook food. As a replacement, they prefer ordering food online.

And here On-demand food delivery apps play an important role. With the help of these apps, people can save their time and money also.

The food industry is continuously growing, so it is the right time for startups to invest in this field. Although there are many food delivery apps which are dominant in the market some examples like Ubereats, Postmates, etc if you choose an appropriate strategy you can easily compete with them.

The main thing you have to do for successful food delivery business is finding your niche and developing food delivery app like Ubereats.

This business provides an opportunity for restaurants to sell their food without any effort and also a part-time job opportunity for people. So this is one of the best ideas for startups to make money in 2019.

handyman app

Handyman app like uber plays an important role nowadays. As getting handyman around the home is never easy. The on-demand handyman app connects different handyman with the customers.

People face many household problems in their life like changing a switch or a fuse, drainage blockage, broken water pipes, etc. And it is very tough to solve these problems by own. Hence people use Handyman App.

In this business, you will need an app through which customers can book a handyman service they require like electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc. So, with one app you can solve many problems of the customers.

This is the new technology and there is less competition in this field. And you know that everything is now happening with just a click. As a result, this business is one of the best options for your future.

Laundry business is a good idea for a startup business. It is another industry of Uber for X or on-demand trend.

People are very busy with their lives, they work for 9 to 10 hours a day and always try to find easier ways to do their tasks.  Laundry app development made it easier for people to wash their clothes. Now, they only need to tap smartphone and everything will be at their door from the washing of clothes to drying and ironing.

Earlier people used to visit laundry and then they have to wait there while their clothes were being washed. That was time taking task, now they don’t need to move a bit. This is how the on-demand concept changed the laundry service.

If you are still using the traditional laundry system, then you should adopt the latest technology. This field is very beneficial, you can easily grow your revenue in this field.

All you need is an app for customer and laundry service provider. With the help of the app, customer can schedule the date and time for laundry service.

The laundry industry is very huge and disrupting the market with huge growth. The on-demand laundry service companies are increasing their customer base by leaps. So, don’t waste your time, make an investment in the laundry industry and become a successful startup in 2019.

“Health is Wealth”. Health is the most important element of the human being. But sometimes it became very difficult to find an expert. But now the time has completely changed. We tap on a button and we can fix appointments with doctors easily with the help of on-demand platforms.

Uber for Doctors has disrupted the market with on-demand doctor app service. ZocDoc has already joined this field and now everyone is trying to copy them. The mobile apps made it easy and simple for people to book doctors for their health care.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “A Doctor on Demand that is a telemedicine app to facilitates quick video consultations with physicians has raised $74M in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs and Princeville Global”.

As a startup, you can develop an app for doctors, and help different people around the world in finding proper medicine and doctors within minutes.

MatchMe – The Tinder Clone

The on-demand dating app is a good choice for business. You can launch your app like Tinder. The on-demand dating apps are based on Uber for x development.

People have a busy life and they don’t get much time to socialize. They get very less time to meet new people or date. As a result, people now use dating apps like tinder to socialize with different people.

The app is very simple, people only need to swipe profiles and if they match then they can start chatting. Many businessmen loved this concept and invested and now they are competing with Tinder.

This business can also make you a successful startup as there are many single souls who are looking for partners will register on this app.

Dating apps are in trend nowadays. You should invest in this field. This a huge industry with massive reach.

As a startup or entrepreneur, you can start an app to help e-managements of the goods, live location of good on shipment and delivery. The market is growing day by day, with the growth in e-commerce, the need for trucks is growing.

The on-demand feature by Uber is known as Uber for Logistics will help you to make an app for easy transportation and delivery of goods. It will save shippers cost and time while the operator will get a better-connected marketplace.

The complete on-demand logistic app solution will include three things. First, customer app, second, driver app and third admin panel.

So, if you are planning to start a business then developing an on-demand logistics app will benefit you a lot.

Are you Interested In On-Demand App Development Service?

Now you know that these are the top business ideas for you in 2019. But to venture into these businesses you will need an app or say complete on-demand solution.

If you don’t mind I will introduce you with the leading app development company Apporio Infolabs. An ISO certified app development company with expertise in On Demand App Development Service. Apporio Infolabs provide you with the complete on-demand app solution, in which you will get all the necessary apps and admin panels with all the features available in it.

If you want to start your own on-demand app business now, then you should contact Apporio Infolabs for the best and fast results.

Here are some features which make their On-Demand apps best in the world.

  • Multiple Payment Option – User can make payment using various options like credit cards, PayPal, cash, etc.
  • Reviews and Ratings – With this feature, your customer can rate and review your service.
  • Notifications – Users and Drivers will get important notifications about their product.
  • Live Tracking Order – With this feature user can keep an eye on their product’s delivery.
  • Help and Support – If the user needs any assistance he/she can contact you.

We will provide you the complete solution with all these features and many more and the app will be for both Android and iOS platform.

If you need any assistance regarding this you can contact us anytime or you can check demo of our apps from the website.


These are some of the top-rated business ideas for startups. As the on-demand industry is booming day by day, these types of business will benefit you the most.

Although there is lots of competition in these fields, with a little bit of research and strategy you can overcome that competition. You have to identify your audience and then venture into these businesses.

All of these on-demand businesses provide an opportunity to make money faster. The key to real success is a long-term vision though.

If you are ready to take your dreams to the next level, then this blog will surely help you in transforming your dreams into reality.

So are you ready to launch your on-demand business? Do you have any queries regarding on-demand app business? Reach us anytime you want we will help you and support you all the time.

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