How To Create Instagram Shoppable Posts And Sell More

With more than 1 billion users and counting, Instagram has become a new hub for all the businesses to target their potential clients. Based on the stats available on the internet, Instagram has got 50 million daily active users, out of which 67% are females. And everyone knows what all females love to do. Shopping.

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing social media app, it has now grown into a marketing platform as well.

Businesses have started to list and sell their products on Instagram and with their new shoppable posts format, things have become easy. According to the stats, 72% of the users buy the products they saw on Instagram.

All this has become possible because of Instagram’s native integration that allows businesses to tag their products and allows users to buy the product directly from Instagram (without visiting the product’s website).

Now if this seems interesting to you, here is how to create Instagram shoppable posts and sell more products.

1. Create A Insta Business Account

Instagram Shoppable Posts

This one is obvious, Instagram Shoppable posts are for businesses to tag their products. Now, one can not do this if they don’t have a business account. This just to make sure that the business is legitimate and not a scam. If you haven’t already switched to your business account, do it now. Simply go to the settings section of your Instagram account and tap on “switch to business accounts.”

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2. Create A Facebook Catalog

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Go to the Business Manager account of your business’s Facebook page that is liked to your Instagram business account. There you will find the option of creating a new catalog or chose the existing one to list your shoppable products on Instagram. You can do it simply by clicking on the “People and Assets” page of the Business Manager setting. Whenever you want to run a sale or provide some offer to your Insta users, make sure to change the price in the catalog section.

3. Create A Shop On Facebook

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Before you can start selling on Facebook, you need to set a Facebook shop. You can either use Shopify or BigCommerece to set up your shop. You can check the detailed guide on how to create Facebook Shop with Shopify or BigCommerece here. Once you are done with creating the shop, move to add Instagram channel into the shop. Remember creating a shop and adding Instagram to the shopping channel will take time. As Instagram will check your credentials and other information to make sure your business is legitimate and not a scam.

4. Connect The Facebook Catalog To The Insta Account

Instagram Shoppable Posts

We are almost done, the catalog has been created and now all you have to do is just connect the catalog (containing products you want to sell) with your Insta business profile. To do that simply go to your Insta profile settings, click on Business and here you will be able to see a new “Shopping” section. Tap on it and then go to the products where you can add the Facebook catalog that consists of all the products you want to sell.

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5. Tag A Product In Your Next Post

Instagram Shoppable Posts

All the hard work is completed, now it’s time to grow your product sell. To do that tap on a new post, select the picture of the product you want to sell, add the filters and effects you want to add to it and hit next. There instead of just tagging people option now, you’ll be seeing a new option that reads “tag products.” Tap the product in the photo you want to sell. From there enter the name of the product you want to sell in the search box, select the one you want to tag from the search results. Hit done and that’s it.

In Conclusion:

Businesses are still figuring out the art of tagging their products on Instagram. However, you have just learned this art, so start growing your business, start tagging products on Instagram with its latest shoppable posts feature.

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