7 Free App Designing Tools Every App Developer Should Know

Are you a web developer? Working hard, writing all those codes to fulfill all the requirements of your client? And we know their demands are neverending.

We can feel all your burden, that’s why in order to lessen your burden and help you do your work efficiently, here are the 7 free designing tools every app developer should know about.

1. MaterialPalette — web site

Mobile app UI design tools

With a very simple concept that helps app developers with the app appearance. Just pick the two colors and the website will suggest the future ideas for the material design. Copy the color value from the pallet and put it into your app theme. This simple website can save you time and make your apps look good.

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2. Device Metrics — web site

Mobile app UI design tools

This one is a website that makes it easy for developers to find out the density of their phone. Now just this but also helps to find out which device has tvdpi density. Dev’s can check the material metrics and also the approximate screen size for each density.

3. Android Resizer — tool

Mobile app UI design tools

Just as the name suggests this tool is a resizer, but instead of Android, it can resize your graphics to all the different densities. With the simple drag and drop feature, this tool does all the hard work for you. Simply select the file, mention the density and that’s it.

4. Android Asset Studio — web site

Mobile app UI design tools

With the potential to become a developer’s best friend, this website can be your one-stop solution when it comes to app designing. You can generate icons for launchers, tools, and notifications. Apart from that drawable vector, icon animation and generating 9-patch assets are also included in this website.

5. DPI Calculator — Chrome plugin/web site

Mobile app UI design tools

A very useful tool when you have to design and create graphics for different screen sizes and densities. This tool can help you to check what size your graphics need to be. Not just this but this tool allows you to convert dpi value from one density to another. The best part is that this tool is available as a Google Chrome plugin as well.

6. Android Resource Navigator — Chrome plugin

Mobile app UI design tools

Take a quick look at everything that is kept inside an Android XML resources. Simply download this plugin, type “arn” in the address bar of your browser and enter the name of the theme framework or style that you are trying to find.

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7. Material Design Icon Generator — IntelliJ Plugin

Mobile app UI design tools

This one is a plugin for IntelliJ, which is a Java integrated environment for the app developers. With the wide variety of icons available inside this tool, you’ll never have to waste your time in the search of a proper icon. With this tool, you can directly access them in your IDE.

In Conclusion:

Designing plays an important role in app development. In order to give users a good experience, the app should have a good appearance. However, the task of designing a beautiful app is not that easy. But now you know the secret, save your time and impress your clients with these above-mentioned tools.

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