Software Development Trend To Keep An Eye On This 2020


Continuing to push the edge of the enterprises with new trends software development is still an optimum way to kick start your new business or start over the current one.

The reason is simple, to sustain in this highly competitive market, continuous innovation is important. And to match the changing trend, every successful business owner relies on software development, relies on the technology that helps to streamline their operations by increasing efficiency and boosting the profit of the company.

But what are all the software trends to invest in 2020? To save you from all the trouble we have created a list of top 5 technology trends that can help your business to gain an edge over the market. Be smart and invest better. Here is what you are waiting for, a list of top 5 software trends to invest in.

1. AI helping enterprises to offer extra to customers

Software trends

It’s been a while since the introduction of artificial intelligence in software development service. However, in the last couple of years, we have been able to see the potential of this technology. From healthcare to the entertainment industry, businesses are adopting this technology to offer something extra to their customers by making their computers smarter.

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Chatbots are just a mere example of why all these businesses are interested to adopt AI into their services. Offering a fast response to customer’s queries. AI has replaced the way businesses offer their customer care services. One can offer a faster response to their customers, and automate many other operations with the help of custom AI software development.

2. Edge computing is to switch from cloud computing

Edge computing

Creating better and more efficient ways of computing data is how edge computing is luring the businesses to switch over to it. The global market of edge computing has predicted the rise, 28 times more than now by the end of 2025. But what is this trend? And how people are making such bold predictions?

The reason is simple, edge computing is the better and advanced version of cloud computing, which is already an embraced technology in the market. Edge computing has also made it easy to connect and process the time-sensitive data with the remote areas that have poor centralized connectivity.

3. Instant (or ready-made) on-demand apps

on demand apps

Making it easy for entrepreneurs to start a new business these instant apps were quite popular in the last year. The picture is still the same and the popularity of ready-made apps has only gone up. Packing all the advanced and essential features and still able to customize the design according to need to one’s particular business is the one reason that helped these ready-made apps become so popular.

Supporting the on-demand business models, one can have an app like Uber for their taxi business to reach more customers and expand their business. And not just for a taxi business, but for the grocery business, food delivery, courier service and much more. The concept of ready-made apps is a big help particularly in the case of on-demand business. Uber is one of the examples of the success of these on-demand apps and there is much more to offer this tech can offer to those who decided to use it.

4. The world of mixed reality AR and VR

software trends

Continuous improvement and the efforts of big enterprises have finally made the mixed reality of AR and VR part of today’s market. Not just startups and enterprises but the US army has also shown it’s interest in the potential of virtual reality. From creating games to creating army simulators businesses have started to package the technology for the market. Mixed reality has become quite powerful software trends to invest on, the market is still waiting for the unique ideas to arrive.

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Same as VR, augmented reality (or AR) has also proved its potential. Businesses are coming up with new and unique ideas of interacting with their users. With the help of AR, Ikea customers can now check the 3d model of companies’ products from their homes. It is just a completely different experience, customers can make a better choice when they can see how the product actually looks in real life or maybe in their living-room.

5. Outsourcing software service

IT outsourcing

By now it should be clear that software development is still going to be an important aspect of business innovation. Witnessing the growing market, the trend of hiring remote developers and IT staffing is going to become quite a trend in 2020. Offering easy access to reliable support and experienced talent, not just startups but IT companies to are looking for companies that offer remote development service

These outsourcing software development companies are quite helpful for someone who wants to start the offshore branch of their business.


No matter if you belong to the healthcare sector or a software development company itself. These are all the software trends in software development that you all should pay attention to. Check our services as we do offer all the above-mentioned software development services.

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