Secret Formula For Your Sales Team To Attract High Paying Clients

Every company is doing its business with just one main motive, that is to attract new clients who offer great profit to the company, attract people with whom they love to work.

Sounds simple but it’s not that simple, ask your sales team and they will tell you the struggle of converting leads into a client. But don’t worry, if you are an entrepreneur struggling with your startup or sale person who wants to learn some new skills, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll get to learn the secret formula of attracting high paying clients. It consists of 5 phases and the best part is that in the end, it will go on autopilot and you’ll get a high paying client for life. So without any further ado let’s learn the secret formula.

1. Find Your Ideal Client And 

high paying clients

Finding your target audience and then narrow your search to one Idea client. Now you might sell your service or product to more than one person, you might sell to startups, well-established businesses and even individuals. But you have to pick one.

Why? Because everyone has different needs, trying to sell to all three different clients can confuse you and your client. So focus on just one client first, convert them into your high paying clients and then move your focus to the next one.

But how am I supposed to find the one ideal client? To make it simple, your ideal client is the one person or business who you dream to have more than just one.

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2. Their Main Problem 

high paying clients

Once you find your profitable client move to the next step, which is to find their main problem. You can find this simply by conversing with them. Find out what they are feeling, how they spend their average day and what’s the status of their business.

Here is what you are looking for by asking these questions, find out if they are feeling confused, overwhelmed or frustrated with their marketing team. Do they spend their day dealing with bad marketing and struggling to attract customers?

You need to get into the mindset of your client, in order to see all the problems they are facing Find out if they are worried and stressed about the future of their business. This will help you plan your pitch.

3. Be Their One Person

high paying clients

Now you don’t just know who is your one target client but you also know what they actually need. You know their problem, you have already done your homework and if you can give what they need (solution to their problem) you are heading in the right way.

To make everything in your favor first you have to paint a picture. It should be clear and problem-free. Tell them how your service or product can help them with a secure and better future. After painting the picture, tell them how you are supposed to do that.

Tell them how your service or product can help them reach a wide audience so that they don’t have to worry about the future of their business.

Try to connect with them on an emotional level, make them feel you understand them and you got the solution. Once you find success with this, your client will seek you and you will eventually start focusing on this one client (which is a good thing).

4. Time To Put The Offer On The Table

high paying clients

Remember all that we have done so far is to attract a high paying cline. If you are successful till now, you know what to do. Put the premium offer on the table and wait for their reply. Don’t undervalue your package, as you are offering them value and everyone weighs value above time or money.

They’ll be more likely to accept your offer because you have offered them the value. You are not just selling the service you are offering them value and trust that you can solve their problem.

Although, client pay for the premium package or bargains depends entierly on your offer. Apart from the offer try to offer them a way to test your product or service. Give them a demo, so that they can believe in you.

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5. Follow-Ups Are Important

high paying clients

All the hard work is done, now it’s time to take the help of the technology to close the deal. But even if the client is impressed and ready to buy your product, they might not make the first step. You have to send follow-up emails or maybe you don’t.

Instead of sending follow-up emails and dealing with their endless queries, use modern techniques.

Create a document or a presentation that includes all the above-mentioned points (their main problem, the solution to their problem and your offer). It’ll be easy to do that as you have already done your homework.

In Conclusion:

It’s not a trick, it’s a formula, you can’t skip any point and hope for getting the same result. Just like you used to apply formulas to solve maths problems in school. Apply this formula in your business and attract new clients. Once you learn how to get high paying clients, you don’t have to run after every other lead to close the deal.

Tell us if you know some other trick that we can add in this article and keep reading.

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