How to make an app like Uber?


The Uber app which was introduced in the year 2012, has 80 million users and provides its services across 77 countries. It is an easy, hassle-free way of booking a cab from just about anywhere with just a tap on a smartphone. This cab service has been a boon for millions of people and to this date, there are not many apps which provide similar services. The market for such an app is not exhausted and many creators want to follow suit and create an app like Uber.

How to start a company like Uber?


If you wish to build an app like Uber, then you might have to look into an Uber Clone Script. Apps like Uber have proven to be lucrative enterprises, and there are a number of the clone apps which can help in this endeavor. These solutions provide with the following important features which are imperative to make an app like Uber and they are mentioned as follows:

How to build an app like Uber?

  •  User-friendly interface: It is very important for an Uber clone app to have a user-friendly interface, for people to book cabs easily while they are on the go. Proper directions and quick responses make the app reliable.
  •  A payment portal: The app needs to be linked with a reliable payment portal, where the customer can register their, credit/debit card number or for that matter other payment wallets. The payment portal must be secured so that the customer can trust the app with his or her confidential details.
  •  Query support system: There has to be a query support system or customer care where the user can call to inquire or complain about an issue.
  •  Multilingual framework: Taxi booking apps are available in a number of cosmopolitan countries/cities, where people speak as well as read different languages. With a multilingual support, more people can use the Uber clone app with ease; without any hassles
  •  Cancellation and customization system: The app needs to provide with quick canceling solutions and the rider should be able to make customizations, even after booking the cab. With more features like this, the enterprise will have an edge over competing apps.
  •  GPS tracking and monitoring: If you are wondering how to start a company like Uber, then attention must be paid to this particular feature. Perhaps one of the most important features for an Uber clone app is to have GPS tracking. This makes it easier for the driver to reach the rider at the stipulated time and place. It also makes it easy for the rider to reach their destination, when if they are in a new city.

How to create an app like Uber?

It is anything but easy to create an app like Uber. There are many companies which have given a lot of time and effort to create Uber clone apps. Creating a blueprint of the app structure, wireframing the screen, designing the app, laying out all the sections, coding the app, etc., needs a lot of expertise. It is also very important to make the app bug free for its smooth functioning.

How to build an app like Uber?

The apps used for developing Uber clone apps are:

  • Photoshop and Illustrator for the mobile app design
  • Photoshop for screen designing tools
  • Dreamweaver for HTML-CSS conversion
  • Objective-C and Swift for Programing language for iOS and java& Kotlin for android
  • Xcode for IDE in iOS and Android Studio for Android
  • Ubuntu 16.04 for Hosting server.

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