What is Uber clone script? How it is Helpful for your Taxi Business?


The Uber Clone Script is an online taxi booking software which is compatible on platforms like I Phone and Android. It is regarded as one of the most efficient and useful softwares which allows the users to develop a taxi booking app via online with the help of an Uber Clone Script. To ensure a hassle free traveling experience for the customers, this script enables them to get connected with the drivers from any corner of the world.

The advent of Uber Clone Script had changed the phase of the taxi industry. It is currently gaining popularity across the international market. Some of the major highlights of the Uber Clone Script are as follows:

  1. An exclusive Sign-Up feature is available where both the users as well as the drivers can seamlessly access the online taxi booking application.
  2. Both the users and drivers even have access to the social media sign-up while logging into the official website of the company.
  3. The log-in options such as Google Plus and social media offers more flexibility thereby allowing the users to develop an online taxi booking app with ease.
  4. The users and the drivers do have the option to either edit or remove their profile information at their own discretion.
  5. An individual can choose from a range of e-mail templates through the official website of the company and send it to the potential app users.
  6. A user can easily classify the cars by harnessing the online taxi booking app in mobile applications such as I Phone.
  7. A map facility is also available wherein the user can choose a particular vehicle and keep track of its current location and the path.
  8. Emergency contact number can be included if the user is not able to respond to the incoming calls from the drivers. By doing so, the driver’s can automatically switch over to the alternative phone number provided by the user.
  9. Credit cards and debit cards are the modes of payments to settle taxi fare.

Is there a need for an Uber Clone Script and how is it helpful for your taxi business?

There has been a major revolution in the field of taxi industry with the rise of Uber Clone Script. It seems that there will be a steady growth in the online taxi booking app during the coming years. It is currently emerging as one of the popular online taxi apps especially among the younger generation who aspire to become an entrepreneur. One of the major objectives behind setting up of an Uber Clone Script is to enable the entrepreneurs to download and install the taxi booking app with ease.

The Uber Clone Script comprises of a GPS app which allows both the user and driver to keep track of the ride status. In addition the company also offers promotional codes wherein the users will receive cash whenever he/she refers other people.

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