Female only Uber clone app

Today, the smartphone technology and mobile apps have changed everything from purchasing clothes online to booking hotels to ordering food and booking a cab. All these things become a single tap away from the users. When it comes to booking a taxi, people just take out their smartphone from the pocket and book a ride, whether it is early morning or late at night. But what about Women, who travel alone late at night and work in night shift? They Do require safe mode to commute back to their home.

In short, we have developed a solution for taxi startups that can be used to deliver a safe and comfortable traveling experience to all women.

Considering the problems and safety issues of women, taxi startups should consider providing women only taxis in which drivers will be women and this feature will only be available to women. Women only taxi app solution, including rider’s app, driver’s app, partner panel, and admin panel, allows taxi startups and companies to provide women specific taxi services.

Female Only Ride-Sharing App like Uber Developed by Apporio

Our women only ride-sharing app functions by dispatching women drivers to serve only female customers. This initiative had been taken looking at some of the incidents that have come to light. In September 2016, an Uber driver in Los Angeles had lost his cool and got enraged with his passenger. He immediately stopped the car and dragged the lady from his car. This was captured by another person on video using her phone.

The biggest advantage here is that female drivers are much safer as compared to male driver. The male drivers cannot be trusted easily because of there reckless behavior. There has been a history of incidents as shared one above with you all and there are many more.where females have received abusive comments from male drivers. Female drivers can be easily trusted by female customers as they can understand each other easily and there is a level of comfort both share as being of the same gender.

Women who travel late nights needs cabs to reach back to their home. The fear of being in any unsafe situation always surrounds any women travelling alone at night. So such conditions can be cured by Women taxi services by taxi service providers using our Uber clone app.

Use this feature in uber clone app if you prefer women to be safe too. Many of the companies are now implementing this feature in their taxis. Using this option , the woman riders can select women drivers if they wish to. This option will not be a compulsory option as the administrator can switch it on or off as per the user’s requirements.


According to latest reports taxi industry will reach  $109,050M US dollars by 2022 which clearly shows that the taxi industry is not going anytime soon. So if you are thinking of buying an uber clone app or have any raw idea than its good time  start. Reach out to us or one of our sales representatives and we will get back to you shortly. You can ask for a free demo version and our experts will explain to you in detail all the functionalities and functions.

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Disclaimer: We provide whitelabel clone app solution. Terms such as Uber, Gojek, TaskRabbit are there for easy understanding of our solution. We don’t represent any of these brands.