Apporio Taxi 2.0 Launching Soon!

Yes yes yes! You heard it correctly. We are soon re-launching our “Apporio Taxi app” with new features and interface. With time technology advances which brings in the need for updating the app which is also necessary to stay ahead in the race.  

Apporio Taxi- Uber clone app has been successfully launched in more than 35 countries across the globe and we wish to continue our legacy in more countries. Our app is getting a fresh coat of paint and some unique features.

If you search for taxi booking app, there are hundreds that you will get to see online. But what makes you best among the rest is the technology used on the booking front. If you see the top companies like Google, Uber etc they keep bringing changes and evolving with time. The key to stay relevant in market is by bringing changes.

Apps which effectively accept new technologies are always a boom to the business. It surely makes end user’s experience easier while ensuring growth in client base and business simultaneously. Uber and OLA are top brands in the taxi industry but saying the change is permanent will help to keep you optimistic.

With our previous features like City-wise Variable pricing, tested & bug free source code, robust admin, rider, driver etc we are expanding by adding new features which will be different and unique. Also there are some changes in our interface which will be more user friendly. Follow our next blog which will reveal new features of Apporio taxi 2.0!

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Disclaimer: We provide whitelabel clone app solution. Terms such as Uber, Gojek, TaskRabbit are there for easy understanding of our solution. We don’t represent any of these brands.