How Apporio Taxi is making the life of startups and entrepreneurs easy?

The taxi business is an evergreen industry where any startup and entrepreneur can invest their money. However they have to face a little competition from taxi giants like Uber and Lyft but still, you can reach great heights. A flexible and clear business model will help you a lot to compete and build your own successful business.

To help startups and entrepreneurs Apporio Infolabs introduced their ready-made Uber Clone Script – Apporio Taxi, so that small businesses can easily venture into taxi business like Uber, Lyft and Careem. If you want to create your own taxi service app you can use Apporio Taxi and start your taxi booking business.

Introduction to Apporio Taxi – An App like Uber

Apporio Taxi is an app like Uber to help businesses start their own taxi service app. Apporio Taxi is a complete taxi app solution which includes an app for customers, an app for drivers and one powerful admin dashboard. 

The complete package comes with the following:

  • Android app for customers
  • Android app for drivers
  • iOS app for customers
  • iOS app for drivers
  • Admin Panel

So, the app is available for both Android and iOS platform with the admin dashboard. With Admin panel you can easily manage and monitor the activity of users and passengers which is developed in Laravel.

Apporio Taxi is a perfect solution for startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for easy to customize and user-friendly app like Uber for their on-demand taxi app business. You will get all the essential and high-end features in this Uber clone app so that your customers can enjoy comfortable rides. 

What makes Apporio Taxi one of the best Uber Clone Scripts

Apporio Taxi is one of the best taxi app scripts in the market. It has many features which makes it unique uber clone from other taxi app scripts. Let’s take a look at some key points of Apporio Taxi which make it different from other taxi scripts in the market.

  • Multi location & multi currency compatibility.
  • City wise fleet and fares chart.
  • No third party dependency and non-recurring cost.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Optimized server and Google API’s calls.
  • Estimated time arrivals, ride estimates, and live tracking.
  • Referral codes and discount coupons.
  • Easy design customization.

Now, let’s have a look at the features of Apporio Taxi mobile apps and admin panel.

App Modules and Features

Here are some features of Apporio Taxi mobile apps with description.

  1. Sign up/Login Module – Customers and drivers can easily sign up via email, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Account verification and account activation feature will be included in this only.
  2. Map Module – The app is integrated with Google maps as a result user’s current location will be detected automatically. Other than this, the user can set a drop location or may change his/her pickup location.
  3. Ride book module – In this module, you will get features like estimated arrival time, estimated fare, payment options and ride allocation.
  4. Ride later module – With the help of this module, the user gets an option to schedule his/her ride for later. They can book a ride for later.
  5. Fare calculation module – The fare will be calculated automatically by taking distance from the pickup and drop location while taking time into consideration.
  6. Payment module – The app will be integrated with all sorts of payment methods like credit card, PayPal integration, cash payment, and custom payment gateway method.
  7. Rating and review module – With the help of this module passengers can give rating and reviews about your service or they can rate drivers and submit reviews about their driving quality and other services.
  8. Live tracking module – Once the driver is assigned for a ride, the user can check his/her current location. Even if the ride has started passenger can check their live location.

Admin Panel Features

The complete taxi solution has a powerful admin dashboard which has some high quality features which makes it unique as compared to other taxi app script. Here are some of the most lucrative features of Admin panel – 

  1. City rate cards – As an admin, you can manage the rate cards of the taxi manually according to city.
  2. Manage cab types – Admin can manage types of the cab which he/she wants to run in the city.
  3. Manage drivers – The admin can manage drivers and can remove or add any driver he/she wants.
  4. Update T&C and privacy policy – Admin can update terms and conditions and any privacy policy he/she may want.

Technology Used In Developing Apporio Taxi

  •  Native Android (Android SDK)
  •  Native iOS (Swift) 
  •  Core PHP
  •  MySQL database
  •  Restful JSON APIs

Packages available in Apporio Taxi

Apporio Taxi has four packages and all packages have their own benefits. Here are the details of what feature you will get in each package.

  • Basic Package – In the basic package, you will get an app with fewer features and modules.
  • Standard Package – This package includes all the features available in Basic Package with these additional features.
  • Premium Package – This package includes all the features of Standard packages and Basic Package with some other additional features and modules.
  • Enterprise Package – This package will include all modules and features which you will get in above-mentioned packages with few additional features.

Note: If you want to know more about the pricing and features available in all four packages you can contact us anytime or you can directly reach us at [email protected]. We are always available to help you and will send you details of all four packages.

So, these are some of the features, modules, and quality of Apporio Taxi. If you want to know full details of the app, then contact us or check our Uber Clone page. You can test the demo of our apps from there.

Apporio Taxi Demo App:

Android Apps – 

Customer App –

Driver App –

iOS Apps-

Customer App – 

Driver App –

Admin Panel-

Admin Panel –


Taxi services help customers to connect with different services. With the help of Apporio Taxi, you can not only connect people with the taxi, but also you can use Apporio Taxi as courier delivery, uber for trucks, flower delivery, and many other services.

With this robust, white-labeled and user-friendly Uber clone script, entrepreneurs and startups can easily venture into the taxi booking business and compete with other taxi service companies. We helped many startups in developing their taxi business with our Uber clone app and now they all are running their business successfully. 

If you are still planning to invest in the taxi industry then you should not wait for more, just try our Uber clone – Apporio Taxi and run your business smoothly. We guarantee that our taxi app script will surely fulfill your needs and if our app can’t satisfy you then no one’s will.

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Disclaimer: We provide whitelabel clone app solution. Terms such as Uber, Gojek, TaskRabbit are there for easy understanding of our solution. We don’t represent any of these brands.