Uber Can Launch Its Grocery Delivery Service From Early 2020

In order to be part of our daily life, Uber has invested in the grocery delivery business. As, last Friday on October 11 Uber announced to buy the majority of shares in leading grocery delivery service, Cornershop.

According to several media reports, this deal has been already approved by all the relevant regulators of the board. This suggests the company can launch Its new Uber grocery delivery service from 2020.

Can This Plan Save Uber?

Uber Groery Delivery

Talking about the plans, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said, “Whether it’s getting a ride, ordering food from your favorite restaurant, or soon, getting groceries delivered, we want Uber to be the operating system for your everyday life.”

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Khosrowshahi continued and said, “We’re excited to partner with the team at Cornershop to scale their vision, and look forward to working with them to bring grocery delivery to millions of consumers on the Uber platform.”

Everyone in the business is well aware of Uber’s struggle to gain profit from its several ventures. When compared to the Uber-taxi, Uber Eats comes out to be more successful. However, that too is not profitable either. Increasing competition and price wars with the competitors has left Uber with a massive overall losses.
Uber Groery Delivery

To fix this company has come up with a new strategy, that is to use its existing driver network for their new grocery delivery service (Uber Groceries) that can hopefully turn companies loses into a profit. However, it might not be that easy, as Uber has to face other giants like Instacart, AmazonFresh, and Walmart who are already offering in their grocery delivery services to the customers.

With the Uber grocery delivery service, the company is planning to enter in this new market. To start with its new venture company has decided w0rk with Cornershop, a leading grocery service helping its customers from Chile and Mexico to order groceries online. Not just Uber but Cornershop is also excited to work on this project to reach new customers in other countries.

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“In 2015 we started Cornershop with primarily the Latin American market in mind and we couldn’t be more excited to work with Uber to help us take that mission much further,” said Oskar Hjertonsson, CEO of Cornershop. “Uber is the perfect partner as we embark on our quest to bring our unique flavor of on-demand groceries from incredible retail partners to many more countries around the world.”

In Conclusion:

Apart from all this, the company has not spilled a word on when, where and how they are planning to bring grocery service to their existing customers. For now, all we can do is wait and watch, time will reveal whether this new plan will work in favor of Uber or not.

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