5 Features You Need To Have in Your Uber Eats Clone App To Beat The Market

We are living in the age of mobile technology. Today, we have apps for everything, from shopping to ordering food online, everything can be done with a smartphone. Life has certainly become easy with the help of these mobile app technologies.

People who are living away from their family (college students and employees) don’t have to eat maggie in the middle of the night to satisfy their midnight hunger pangs.

This gives rise to the scope of on-demand food delivery apps in the market. Uber has already invested in the idea of satisfying customers by launching its food delivery business Uber Eats. But you can still beat their business with your better service and more functional apps.

If you are a restaurant owner or an entrepreneur and thinking about launching your own food delivery app. You can do it with the Uber Eats Clone app. And here are the 5 features that can help your uber eats clone to get success and beat the competitors.

1. Intuitive User Interface

Uber Eats Clone

First thing first, in order to have happy customers or just a customer your app needs to be simple and easy. The design should be intuitive so that the customers can navigate through the app easily and decide on what they wanted to eat. Pay attention to the app design of your Uber eats clone app in order to make it loved by users.

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2. Estimate Delivery Feature

Uber Eats Clone

Waiting for food is not easy, especially when you don’t really know how long it will take for their food to get delivered. Ask your developers to add the estimate delivery feature so that your customers can track the order and know how long will it take for their food to get delivered.

3. Easy Payment

Uber Eats Clone

From a business owner’s perspective, payment is the most important part. Make sure that the payment gateway is error-free and your user will not face any transaction related issue. You can also add digital wallets and offer cash-on-delivery feature on your Uber Eats clone app. This will improve your user’s experience and they will return to you.

4. Real-Time Food Tracking

Uber Eats Clone

GPS has become very accurate, most of the apps offer the feature of tracking their order. A food delivery app with real-time GPS tracking will be loved more by the users as it allows them to keep track of their food and help you build trust with them.

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5. Curated Offers And Exiting Promotions

Uber Eats Clone

Tell your customers that you care, give them special offers that help them save money. Give them special deals, maybe a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner offers. Anything that makes them feel they are special will work. To make sure they see these offers on the top and don’t have to find these offers inside the app.

In Conclusion:

There are already a number of app developers available in the market all of them got their on-demand Uber eats clone apps. You can buy them and start your online food delivery business with-in a week. Just make sure to implement all the above features as they will help you gain strength in the market.

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