Do You Know About These 5 Best Productivity Tools For Developers

Here at Apporio our developers love to develop apps. They love to fun as well but when they are working, they make sure to be 100% efficient. So, when I asked one of my developer friends at work, “don’t you get bored or frustrated sitting at your desk the whole day, all occupied with writing those complex and confusing codes and still comes to the party fully charged, even your day seems to be a lot tiring than mine.”

He replied with a smirk on his face, “I know the right tool for the job.” I started to wonder, what those tools can be? After interrogating a little bit more, I get to know about 5 worth mentioning productivity tools for developers. If you are a developer and frustrated with your current project, you need to know these tools. So, without any further ado, here are the productivity tools every developer should know about.

1. Insomnia

productivity tools for developers

API’s are the prominent part of app development, no matter if your a backend or a frontend developer, you still have to deal with these API requests. In most of the modern apps, frontend calls for the data from the backend that can only be provided through API. To make things interesting and complex tasks easy, Insomnia is the tool you need. Developers love this tool to test queries and requests. The best part is that Insomnia is free to download and compatible GraphQL.

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2. Zoom

productivity tools for developers

Conference calls are the part of business, developers and project managers are always looking for the best and reliable video conferencing tools. Though, most of the time they settle with skype. It’s not bad but once you try Zoom you might change your mind. Zoom is one of the best tools to manage all of your real-time communications.
Apart from that, you should also install Muzzle application to your system, it will silent all the embarrassing notification that pop-up when you are sharing the screen with your client during live code rounds.

3. Notion

productivity tools for developers

One of the best app for note-taking, you’ll understand once you give it a try. This application has made for everyone as it offers several templates that can be organized based on industries, tasks and projects and much more. It allows saving references for your research directly through its browser extension. This app can replace a number of applications that you currently using such as, google docs, trello, sheets, etc.

4. Figma

productivity tools for developers

Probably you have heard about it already but never used it. Well, Figma is a tool that is meant for designers and developers as it offers an easy option for all your designing needs. The best part is that you don’t actually need to download and install this tool in your system. It is an online application that you and your team can access directly through the browser of their systems. A single link is all that you need to connect with your team, share your ideas and take their feedback.

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5. UltraEdit

productivity tools for developers

Just like the name suggests, it’s a text editor but for developers. When it comes to productivity tools for developers many can agree that UltraEdit is one of the best. With features like syntax highlighting, FTP support and SSH/telnet console, logical file ordering/grouping, and preference-based environment configuration, no matter what language you use to write codes, UltraEdit is what you need.

In Conclusion:

If you are a developer now you can also improve your productivity. If you think I missed your favorite tool do mention in the comment section below. And if you like this article share it with all the people you think need to read it.

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